Sunday, January 1, 2012

how does one map infinity as well as negative infinity?

like this

and the reason it is important is to search for the answer to:
"Can we measure other dimensions?" (A primary equation)
Similarly, it would be good information to be able to return to THIS dimension after entering another dimension, and ideally, to return at that same moment or even statically measured to whatever time structure the body has. (A third equation)
The model shown (click on "like this" up there) is a dimensional model showing positive AND negative values, however, it has no bearing on a different dimension...only in assisting traveling to the other dimension and subsequent return.
In time for dinner, hopefully.

good news/bad news
The good news is that 1/0 may NOT create a singularity of mass so much as a singularity of light.
Bad news is, just what would a singularity of light do?

Yeah... m'either.

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