Monday, December 19, 2011


Good question, actually. Figure that two things stood in the way of it being December 25...
#1 the month didn't exist
#2 there was not a lick of snow on the ground.

Chasing a star to the East has been noted as having happened prior to the period usually attributed to the first Christmas, and it was a comet, to my recollection.
Of course, i'm old...
That in itself may cause time itself to drift faster. Lord knows, the older a person gets, the faster time slips by. (of course, I'm thinking you didn't come here to read about math or the sciences of growing older.)

So, much later in what will become the history of it, several months were put in place to represent times of the year better. They figured to need October and Halloween so that they knew when to put out Christmas Sale items in stores. November so that the excess turkeys could be done away with (they had been SUCH a plague...dangerous birds that they are) And January got a place in the calendar because, well...we NEED a place to START a year. February got tossed in because the emperor liked to hear people trying to say it while reading it, and, in some parts of the world (like Indiana and Ohio) February becomes the month of watching snow plows (hey...they had GOOD shaman seeing the future, eh?) dig through feet of snow (largest snowman ever built) to make roads passable so people could go to work to pay for their Christmas presents which were usually purchased with credit cards (dang! Those seers WERE good!)
Basically, calendars were made so that everything didn't happen all at once...

Because...well. Things get messy, otherwise.
So all that was left was a tenth month (a story for another day, to be sure) and they called it Deci-member, which someone shortened to December right after he "et tu, Brutus" situation.
It was a special time back then, though, because gifts were made, not bought. Most children made rocks for their friends and family... but you see, when they're wrapped all pretty and with a bow and a nice card, it seemed fitting.
Now, what the dickens THIS has to do with Christmas, I dunno.
But, it's a lot nicer than some political crap on the page, because for some reason, politics only mae people sound like hard asses.
And Christmas is about sitting on a pillow and reading a nice book by the fire. And, it REALLY helps if the fire is in the fireplace, and not in the middle of the livingroom having been started by a dry tree and hot lights.

But, I digress....
and that's OK, because I find that I WOULD like to be younger.
...a LOT    younger...

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