Saturday, December 17, 2011


With words.
The way a debate is approached tells you as much as anything about who the debate is with.

For example, people who use the term "the leftists" is attempting to marginalize the fact that we are a social society. Socialism is the very substance of our country, and, before whit e people got a grip on the country, they agreed with the concept 100%.
Until they wanted the land the Indians were on, that is.
Then all bets were off.
We ALL of us give to better the whole.
Taxes help schools, roads, emergency personnel, parks, the poor, the elderly, those who are handicapped, and for the protection of our country.
But of course, some people think they are more exempt from taxes that go to helping those they don't want helped.
Just because it's a child laying in a pool of her own blood doesn't detract from these kind of people and their angry, selfish arguments of grandeur. Especially if the child is Latino or black.
Or even white, if they voted for President Obama.

Another term you hear a lot is second amendment rights, which are being questioned because of a child being shot by a crazy man with a gun... which is NOT what the reason the amendment was adopted. 
Taxing the rich. Oh, gracious. Taxing the rich is so insanely aristocratic that it's hard to decide if the person is even serious.
First off, the additional 2% is a tax levied on amounts ABOVE a million dollars.
The first million, same tax as everyone else that high.
The 2% is nothing.
A way to reclaim the resources being drained from the country. Actually, 2% is not enough.
The resources being pulled from the Earth are being sold to be used now and fast, fast, FAST!
Even though their finite existence is more than apparent.
But, do some people ever see beyond their own selfish little worlds?
I think not.

Jeanie gave me a phrase a few years ago that I share often with anyone intelligent enough to recognize the words as being good, solid, stable words on which we can hang a hat on.

We have not inherited this 
land from our ancestors.
We are borrowing it from 
future generations.

How do extremists attack people? With lies and innuendos, and then go scampering back into their closets to hide until someone else does the work.

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