Sunday, February 12, 2017

More Later

It was as close to death as any trip I've ever made....
When you peer over the edge there is no ground to stand on
no land beneath one's feet

I went too far with the chemo
Thought I had a grip on it but learned it was an illusion.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Closest thing to Surviving? Believing the Future is Better.

Trying to Survive
 oh yeah...
I do mean "trying"...
it's like the few that care close in just as 
so many others abandon one.
I know folks are busy, in fact, they say "happy holidays" with great meaning.
September, Labor Day. October, Halloween.
November, gee, thanx Indian folks for going along with the lies of white people, and dying.
December, We're forgiven our sins of Fall.
New Years Day. Martin Luther King's day.
By February, we're loving each other (or lusting, one, eh?)  and just in time for the great Caesar's Salad!

April, showers (a shower? About time!)
May, June buugs show up. June, Mayflies appear. July, we scare the fleas and ticks out of the ground with fireworks, And August, we take a break.... But Believing the future is better?
That's real work.

Especially since we have to lead the way.

friendly wanderers

Internal News

Internal News
(did he say 'internal news'?....well, no. He wrote 'internal news'....Well, what does that mean?....I dunno. Let's go look, shall we?)

Yeah....I know....