Monday, February 6, 2012

News About Cancer

in 2008
About one in fifteen

of every four deaths? One was from cancer.

From appearances, lung cancer seems the quickest, and most lethal. Probably because of the fact that it is a major organ and while its job is huge, the lungs are not so much, and they succumb quickly.
Lung cancer is one of the cancers that researchers have found a cure in cannabinoid oils.   Marijuana.

So, marijuana cures cancer in lab rats and mice...when is our government going to let WE the People have some of that cure? When will the government stop sniffing up to the concerns of money laden businesses, and pay attention to what the people want?

In my small corner of the world, I guess I need the help of my representatives and Senators.
Maybe the President, if he can peel himself away from organizations who are pedaling half century old "proof" in the form of a non-medically trained prohibitionist named Harry J. Anslinger.
Organizations like the National Institute of Health.
and the
Center for Disease Control ( a bit odd that they are being paid to create bad information about marijuana )
and of course the
FDA (eggs are good for you wine is bad, wine is good for you eggs are bad, eggs are sometimes good for you and sometimes bad, wine is sometimes good for you and sometimes bad.)
Truly an organization a person can really get a grip on solid, static information...(not.)

Well, that's a lot of writing...
Makes you curious what they will send back, doesn't it?


Karl said...

Good afternoon Boneman,

A form letter, thanking you for your consern and blowing you off. That's what they send me.

Any word on Jean and her Blog?

boneman said...

Not yet, Karl, other than google is so big, that if we all stood up and jackhammered the Yankee Doodle Tune simultaneously, they wouldn't hear it.
Probably out on a beach in the Pacific, somewhere.
Hawaii, maybe?

As for the form letter...actually they let interns write back, but they have to stay so neutral...the thing is to insert something that really gets their attention.
THAT'S what this Blog here is about to be.
I hope.

I REALLY hope.

I stay constant with Jeanie, and, as i have a plethora of blogs, and trust her inherently with anything... I've offered her one of my blogs.

But she insists that if she uses it, I have to knock before coming in.


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