Friday, July 16, 2010


Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever Gods may be for my unconquerable soul.
In the Fell Clutch of circumstance I have not winced or cried aloud,
Under the bludgeonings of fate my head is bloody, but, unbowed.
Beyond this place of wrath and trees, Looms the horror of the shade,
and yet the menace of the years finds, and shall find, me unafraid.
It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishment, the scroll.
I am the Master of my Fate, I AM the Captain of My Soul!

this is a poem Nelson Mandela used, a mental recitation everyday, from what I understand.
I found it through a movie...(Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon)... of the same name, Invictus.
It's a fine piece of Victorian pronouncement, and I shall not leave this gem behind.
And,  it's a great feeling to recite it out loud.


Jean said...

Thanks for posting that, dear.
It's getting added to my list ♥

(puter is in the shop again, I am in the library. Will call later.)

boneman said...

Course, I suspect that being in the library means you didn't read it out loud.

Pink said...

wow bones.

I wrote my newest post before I came here to see invictus.

I am the master of my fate

I AM the captain of my soul.

I love this.

thanks again for always being inspiring :)


boneman said...

thanx for the compliment, pink, though at times I think I might be a bit boring.
For example...
Did I tell you I dreamed I was a car muffler the other night?


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