Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"We each give what we have."

In the early days of the infamous Berlin Wall, hostilities flared when truckloads of stinking garbage were dumped from East Berlin into West Berlin. Many residents wrote to the mayor demanding revenge for this offense, but he responded in a unique way. 
He asked he people to gather all the flowers in West Berlin and bring them to a certain place at the wall. Then as a great avalanche of beautiful and fragrant flowers was poured over the wall, a large banner was raised. Written on the banner were the words: 
"We each give what we have."


Joanna Cake said...

So beautiful!

If only there were more good souls like that in the world x

boneman said...

Yes mam, i agree with you fully.
A short history is at Walking on Alligators,

Very admirable man.

Pink said...


Boxer said...


boneman said...

hi Pink...funtimes in Germany!
hi Boxer...always funtimes in Washington!

What did you think of the post? No negative.

(OK, I'm happy with it...if I can keep it up)

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