Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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dianne said...

Its a disgrace, not only are we polluting our air but the waterways and oceans as well.
Apparently, according to another documentary that I have seen and it was alarming as well, this plastic is being eaten by fish, birds, plastic bags are choking turtles, sea creatures and birds get entangled in this rubbish and die a slow death.
The plastic doesnt break down completely it remains as miniscule fragments in the water and is now getting into the water we drink and our food chain.
We need to cut down on plastics for everyday wrapping of products, get rid of plastic packaging in supermarkets, take a cotton shopping bag for fruit and vegetables, 'green bags' for groceries and any plastics that cant be avoioded should be recycled or at least disposed of responsibly...not dropped as litter as it will find its way to our waterways and not dumped directly into our waterways. ♡

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