Saturday, July 25, 2009

And so, don't look up when planes fly by


dianne said...

Good advice Boney just wasnt his day.
Sydney airport is about 20kms from me but thankfully the only jet planes which fly over here occasionally are those which have been put into a holding pattern due to runway traffic bank-up.
I heard an airplane in the distance on your 'digging' post, is that the local airfield or some light plane doing some crop dusting or dropping off visitors with parachutes? :-) ♡

boneman said...

Probably training.
There's a student flight instructor near here.
Scares me, that's for sure.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ said...

you'd think the least his wife could do for him is have vodka drip through that iv and put up some kind of sun lamp ...
his life would be unchanged.

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