Thursday, July 30, 2009

Into everyone's life, some rain will fall.
So, that's hot it has gone for a bit, but,
a shovel was tossed down my deep ol' hole so that I could dig a ladder out.
And, sure enough, one place to start is a little perkier music....
Now...about the clouds picture....
does anyone else see the Indian on the clouds sending smoke signals?

Well, that one grabbed me by the booboo and shook me hard.
But, there's better words about it at the times arrow,
so, hang here if you want, or go there....


dianne said...

All of the music you wrote for GniGni is beautiful dear... ♡

boneman said...

thankyou, Dianne
I reckon it was something in me that had to come out.
But, here we have an example of me trying to remember her as a good, positive force.

dianne said...

And that you should Boney, she filled your life with happiness and you have many great memories...don't get mired down in sadness dear. ♡

Yes I can see the Indian on the clouds sending smoke signals...I wonder what he is saying...maybe "there will be better days to come"...I certainly hope so. ♡

Jean said...

Wise old Indian. Letting you know he is there and willing to listen. Or maybe he's signaling Gni to help her find her way. ♥

boneman said...

Perhaps he's signaling that it's time to move on?

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