Friday, April 10, 2009

Well, here we are at Easter, again.
Smiling christians everywhere you go.
all bubbly and smiles.

How come folks still celebrate the murder of an innocent man?
I mean, here this guy was, trying to show people how to be mellow, not hurt others...and in fact, that we should be helping each other....and we take him out and nail his butt to a cross, and there he goes into the air, a crown of thorns for clothing and a sign of sarcasm over his head.

And we're supposed to smile and hunt easter eggs off the lawn to celebrate this.

Yeah, right.
Beat him with sticks and stones on the way up the hill, all the while screaming insults at him.
I'm thinking that might be where the saying comes from?
"Sticks and stones...."

And then, just to remind us all of just how fragile life is for any of us, the symbol is hung up at churches all over America. All over the world, actually.
Well, maybe not so much in China. But, most places.
The symbol of a cross held up before our's like someone is suggesting that
"You could be Next!"

Easter, again.
Any changes from the last fourty or fifty Easters?

Well, OK. Enjoy your peeps and eggs.


Jean said...

so many bits that don't make a lot of sense...

dianne said...

I dont celebrate his death, there are so many questions to which there are no answers but I would like to think that he was good man teaching us all to love each other.
And if the bible story is true and he gave his life for our sins and rose from the dead, I would like to think that this is a time of new life and new beginnings.
Taking stock of our own lives and doing what we can to help others who are in need.
I dont get caught up in the easter egg, bunny thing but children need a little magic and fun in their lives and can still remember what Easter is about. ♡

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