Saturday, April 11, 2009

A brand new PNW FILMS production,

starring both Mickey & Stella,

together in

the FAST and the FURRYOUS!

fun entertainment for the whole family

(bring your own popcorn)


dianne said...

Well I did leave a comment before but it seems to have disappeared??

I think Mickey and Stella are really cute little dogs. ♡

foam said...

yeah .. this little video is well done, cute ..
anyway .. i've been up since 5 am. the coffee is strong and hot. care to have some?

boneman said...


Dang! First time in days, but, neither of us remembered to check the coffee the night before and, shoot. No time to make it!
(, I think there's time to drive to the nuclear state of the South for some?
What a dreamer I am!) left the comment at time flies.

(did you girls ever see a time fly?)

Oh yeah...look.
No...over there---->
( .)( .)
K9 has the bunny pix that'll do for a coffee hit till McGreasie's opens.

dianne said...

Boney, you keep moving things and confusing me. :)

No I havent seen time fly but it sure gets away from me quickly.

I think I'll skip the McGreasies coffee and the (. )( .) hooters, I have my own...but you go take a look. ;-) ♡

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