Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well, not having a computer for getting news these last couple of days, and the tv being a really stupid place to get news as they seem more involved with their own self-promotion than anything else, I found myself dredging up old newspapers and reading them.
January 20 of the USA TODAY was here, so, I enjoyed reading that.
President Obama being inaugurated is the big news item, of course.
But then, the other big news item was being overlooked a bit.

Kellogg found that they had cookies with the salmonella disease in them.
Just when they were feeling so on top of the world and dumping some guy for smoking a bong, too.
Never mind that their highest income, their number one selling items are SNACK FOODS....(duh, I wonder who buys that stuff?)

so, it made me wonder what they did with all their tainted cookies? Maybe just chop them up and pour more sugar on them?
Sugar with some flavoring additives.
Oh, and sorry if you get sick, have diarrhea, or just plain die.
Too bad.

Heck, anyday now, eh? Sugar Coated Crapflakes.
MMMmmmmm good!


ANNA-LYS said...

That is why we shouldn't buy any industrial "food" ... better take what You got in Your garden and make home-maid flakes, with no fakes :-p

Have a great weekend,


boneman said...

Yes mam, that's for sure.
We plan on tomatoes, corn, millet, sunflowers, potatoes, and some bacon this year.
I have most of the needed seeds, but, haven't found any bacon seeds, yet.

Jean said...

You didn't get this year's new Baconseed Catalogue? dang!

ANNA-LYS said...

Have You closed "Silly Stuff" for me?

boneman said...


I, er...uh....

You know how I pull a 'boneman' sometimes?
And then again a couple more times?
Well, I had so many blogs, I thought the best way to deal with it was just kiss off the blog?
It kind'a worked.

except, of course, that you caught me....

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