Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GOOD SPEECH, actually

Well, I liked it! I don't generally tolerate speeches sometimes, but, I found myself drawn to the fact that President Obama didn't like the same thing I don't like.
The constant bru-ha-ha after every other phrase.
(truth be told, I think sports programs should be sans crowds, too)

I know I wanted to hear some things that didn't turn out the way I would have set them, but, it sounded to me like the man is an arrow, aimed dead at the problems, and sharpenned to a fine, fine edge! Go get'em, sir!

The two guys chosen for rebuttal obviously weren't paying attention to the meat of the subject, one running to the tv cameras with a redtaped piece of junk that he called a graph of the 'real' budget ( and, by the way, when President Obama said, "We inherited" I didn't read that the same way as Mrs. Flight-to-Italy-Pelosi read it. I believe it was meant We ALL inherited) which, of course, was the same piece of crap that Bush junior held up and showed us (the budget with NO Iraq war and similar costs) while Mr. Jindal appeared to be selling his state more than rebutting the speech given.
Well, Louisianna, huh? I'll think about visiting....but, probably not.

I sure didn't want to hear the basis for helping the banks, but, his plan and idea actually had a good foundation to it. I only hope they don't continue giving out bad loans in the mistaken idea that the government will bail their lazy butts out of trouble. And, for sure, when he says we will be helping banks, I hope that doesn't include payday loan stores around the countryside.

But, all in all, (and I am the meanest critic I know) I thought it was a resounding success! And, I dare say, he got more approval from the entire crowd (save two sour apples) than Bush junior got for his entire second term.
The only way it could have been better would have been to stand Mr. Lieberman up and asked if he brought a piece of gum for EVERYBODY,
and, if at any time at all, turned around and slapped that stupid grin off of Pelosi's face!
(now, that would have brought them all up on their feet in applause!)

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