Monday, February 23, 2009

HORSE and BUGGY again?

I don’t think the goverment should be in charge of bailing out the Horse and Buggy Industry, because they (the industry) knew for decades this day was coming and they did not handle it well.
Likewise, for the government to bail out banks so that they, too, can return to ‘business as usual’ doesn’t seem a prudent gesture, either.
I realize many jobs and investments are tied into this deal, but, the fact is, there are other ways to survive this trying time. Instead of investing in the same clowns that drove this country to hell in a handbasket (thanx a lot, george, you pin head!) perhaps it’s time to re-examine the future and how we can make paths towards it.

If it’s the nation’s highways, then how about building an extra lane for slower moving traffic, as most ‘non-motorized’ vehicles are banned from the roads. Does it even make sense that vehicles that don't use any gas are illegal to have on most public highways?

Has anyone considered that (gasp!) it’as not the bad economy that’s hurting housing industry, but rather because those things they call houses now-a-days are designed after the housing of the 16th century? How about more of that future thinking here? Into the ground living, more energy efficient, solar power access, wind access, ….less ‘box on the ground with rooms’ stuff.

Simply relaxing some of te archaic thinking would do great bounds to help.

Did you know that cars aren’t allowed to be ’skinned’ in carbon fiber? Even though it is a proven advantage in milage and strength and in repairs.

Marijuanna has run it’s course as one of the worse ideas this government ever let loose onto the world. Yes, the world.
Without any scientific factual study, or even a popular vote, it was decalared illegal, and now over 45% of our jail’s populations are filled with folks who just smoked a little pot. That would be part of the 9-12 BILLION dollar expenditure eavry year to keep it illegal. Well, there’s 95 million adults who partake in some form of marijuana entertainment every month THAT WOULD LOVE TO PAY TAXES! Say around $50 every three months , and that adds up to near two billion dollars a year income for the government. Not to mention the new jobs from the industry. Not just people sitting around getting high, either. Materials can be made from hemp, strong canvas for heavy duty use, clothing, even footwear.

That the government is more concerned with running a ‘business as usual’ project is what most worries me.

Well, nevermind, now. I have to go hook up the horses for a ride into town.

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