Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Howl Went up into the Night!

....omigod, rich people certainly cry so loud and long when they're asked to pay their way. Their cursing flies freely into the faces of those who want to help, slinging about words like 'libtard' and 'socialist' and 'stupid'. And they will not pay if they have their choice. They will cover themselves with the bodies of others, and of those they control, their minions....

What a sight it must seem to One from a distance. What a sight, indeed.

PRESIDENT OBAMA is a good man, and can get us back on the road we're supposed to be on. No need to throw stones. Get your sleeves rolled up and put some sweat on your brow. I'm so very sorry some will get their perfectly manicured fingernails dirty.

If you don't want to work to restore our nation, feel free to leave.
We don't need complainers, here.
We need workers willing to follow a man who can,
and who will do what is needed to get this nation back to its greatness!

"Is it possible?" you ask. "Can we actually get this thing turned around?"


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Internal News
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