Monday, March 2, 2009




The Lone Beader said...

Very cool concept indeed! May I ask what this is a non-representational perspective of??? ;)

boneman said...

Rainbow by a house?


Eternal flame?

I'm open for suggestions. What do you see?

K9 said...

pretty cool sculptures!. i like your black avatar. thank you for your kind email - cant reply from my house - i can only send emai form my studio. i wanted you to know i appreciate that on this sad morning.

foam said...

colorful! .. i like ..

boneman said...

Good news/bad news
The good news is, I can always repaint part of it...
Bad news is, I invented the color and there's a good chance I'll never get that exact color, again.

One of the dogs pulled it down off the table one day, and kind'a gnawed on it, some.

friendly wanderers

Internal News

Internal News
(did he say 'internal news'?....well, no. He wrote 'internal news'....Well, what does that mean?....I dunno. Let's go look, shall we?)

Yeah....I know....