Monday, January 2, 2017

Australians buy More Fecal Matter From State/ NYTimes

You've got to be kidding me....
They only just now noticed???
Folks from Down Under....
 the governments of the world have been 
pushing "fecal matter" for years
there have been fecal motivational tapes out (yeah! THAT old!) fecal positioning classes, fecal maintenance classes, how to handle fecal matter, how to view fecal matter, how to hold fecal matter up without touching it or using the force. FECES! It's just about a bunch of FECES!
They hold up something in front of our faces and they say things like, "You like this. You want this. It is YOURS!
It will make you pretty. It will make you the Item of Envy. People want to be around you if you have this.
In other words.... Pure Bullshit.
Alcohol? DRINK!
Heart attacks? EAT GREASIE FOOD and watch a lot of teevee.
Not sexy enough? Try CIGARETTES!
I just named the three biggest killers of Australians.
Toss in Hand guns, then we average out with several countries.

But Fecal Matter has been the centerpiece of government give-a ways for centuries. 

By the all the toxic matter they hand you to consume...
they WANT to feed you,...
Has it ever been something you WANT to consume?

Maybe a lil buzz on?

At least it doesn't kill.......


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