Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Latest, Though not Greatest

I had an Aussie doctor see me, today, and their way of medical treatment is different than the US.
as it's free universal healthcare they have, their edge is in telling the truth hardline throughout the process of the work.
First thing he did was draw it out on a page of paper what they were going to do. The business about the bladder being removed and replaced with a bowel section didn't surprise me.
That they were going to remove my prostate, too, came as a surprise. I thought that was how us guys got erections.
Oh, wonderful....
my best and funnest toy.
It explains a lot about the inconsistency I have had for a few years, now.
Turns out I have a spot in my right lung, and there are three doors I could go through.
#1 If it's benign...then all they have to battle is the bits below my bladder, cut away anything entangled (that's when he spoke of the prostate) and I may have as many more years as I am healthy enough to push through. Well, that and avoiding being hit by a bus. (not that the news wasn't such a "bus hit", that is)
#2 If it is lung cancer (even though it is in my lung, it could be bladder cancer) then the treatment will be aggressive and survival rates seem to hover around the strength of the patient. This will get me at least an  extension on my life from this point.
#3 He was also deadly honest about what I can look forward to if the spot in my lungs is also bladder cancer.
Truly, I had no idea about this bit of cancer trivia. Just because a cancer is in somewhere (lung, brain, face, or bladder) doesn't mean anything. It is called out as a cancer from where it originated. Bladder cancer can be in the lungs, kidneys, liver, a side of onions, or just about anywhere. It's still bladder cancer.
And the last time I had checked at all, bladder cancer was NOT one of the treatable cancers when using marijuana oil. 
Bladder cancer can be a product of smoking cigarettes. I won't tell anyone to quit or cut down. But I'll be glad to mention that you don't always get your pick of time and place for peeing. If you ask, I'll give you two of the methods I used to quit in 2002.  If it is bladder cancer in my lungs, then whenever they get rid of one segment, a couple more will grow nearby. It becomes a near impossible task to treat with chemo, so they will attempt radiation and or cut'n'grab.
If I don't do the chemo/radiation/surgery [whatever] then this will get me about 4-6 months.
Maybe to my birthday, but, maybe not.
Till May.
Never been one to remember birthdates before. This year, unbelievably, is the first year I got my little brother's birthday right. 15 November 1952.
This was his Beatles year. (when I get older, losing my hair, many years from now...)

OK, the crew of doctors working on me are impressive.
So, I really need to keep a positive attitude going,
and do as they say to do....

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