Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to Learn ENGLISH

Part One...History


Joanna Cake said...

OMG, these were so funny! Thank you so much for sharing. Did you take the video, boneman?

Karl said...

Good afternoon Boneman,

Gee does this bring back memories. One of the most enjoyable tours I've ever been on was this one. The Yeoman Warder that ran our tour was also the Raven Master quite a funny fellow and he had some great stories. Thanks for putting these up they were very entertaining.

boneman said...

Didn't take the video, but howled at the fellow talking!
Gives the history a bit of a reality check! Love it!

friendly wanderers

Internal News

Internal News
(did he say 'internal news'?....well, no. He wrote 'internal news'....Well, what does that mean?....I dunno. Let's go look, shall we?)

Yeah....I know....