Tuesday, May 24, 2011

another call for freedom

For how long this indefatigable hatred towards freedom?


Joanna Cake said...

We watched Hidalgo recently which dealt with Wounded Knee briefly. It was quite shocking.

I have mixed feelings about marijuana because one of my children uses it. However, that doesn't mean to say that I dont think it should be legal for people with medical conditions. I'm just not sure that my child would not use even more if allowed to purchase larger quantities because there would be no fear of getting prosecuted as a dealer.
Whilst I am greatly in favour of personal choice, it's a difficult one for me... as a parent.

boneman said...

"child" can mean 15 or 30.

I told my daughter that, given the choice, smoke but, don't drink.
Drink debilitates the brain functions where pot enhances it.
Raping a drunk is easy...
Raping a stoner can be a frustrating event. They can still hit, scream, fight, and run.

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