Friday, April 1, 2011

An Open Letter to Our President

Dear President Obama;
Isn't it funny how the country grows?
At one time Blacks were property and the LAW stated that they could be bought and sold and owned by white property owners.
Then a few good people realized that, "hey...they're human," and discarded an unjust and wholly evil law.

Then gays were a target.
Thing is, I kept hearing gay people saying that was how they were was natural. They were born that way.
But, I kept thinking "... don't they have the freedom to choose?" I mean if the government was going to tell me who to and not to marry, they would have not let me marry my first wife. Spent all her free time fooling around.
So you’re trying to help gays reclaim a small dignity, and congratulations.

Now, as for marijuana laws. You are speaking (in your letter to me) about an illegally established law by states, congress, senate, all without a medical mandate, public vote, or (for that matter) any reason other than a way to keep Blacks, Mexicans, and long haired Democrats out of the way.

Fact is, half a million people die early because of tobacco. That might have something to do with them smoking an ounce and a half of it every day.
NOBODY has bought an early kick-the-bucket ticket for marijuana because they only smoke maybe a gram a day. The "hard" users smoke as much as five grams a day...

I didn't elect a mimic or a mime, sir.
I elected someone to help restore the freedoms lost to several junior dictatorships in this country for the last half century or so.
With marijuana, it has been a century come 2014, a date I hear YOU use on occasion.

So, if you would be so kind as to get things moving in the right direction?

You want Green?
Hemp makes great, lightweight and durable car bodies.

You want Taxable income?
Hundreds of thousands of jobs in manufacturing, farming, and the entertainment field.

You want a lower budget?
You presently spend around $18 Billion on police action, $20 Billion (approx) on courts and prison space for pot smokers,
And another $2 Billion on after court costs.

You want health care reform?
Marijuana studies right now are leaning towards it being a cure for cancer.
That DOESN’T cost $98000 a year like the pharmacies sell, so you won't be real popular with them.

You want to promote Freedom, Justice, and the American way of life?
Legalize marijuana.

Yours truly,

(if you want to see the letter he wrote, then HERE)

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