Saturday, February 19, 2011

Presbyterian and Holy Roman Catholic Church Prove Religion to be Manmade

And how would they do that?
Being across the street form each other and having an open argument about what they think...

Here we have the Holy Roman Catholic Chrurch offering to grant a soul to anyone or anything they please, and the Presbyterian Church standing like so many scribes and pharasees at Heaven's gates saying who can and who can't get in.

I suppose it would really make their day to discover that we are IN Heaven, right now.
And my oh my!
Aren't we keeping it clean!?


Jean said...

Of course it's manmade. People were afraid of things they didn't understand. Somebody made up stories to make them feel better. (wow...aren't we powerful! Wonder what else these bozos will do for us if we keep coming up with warm and fuzzy stuff? oops...they didn't want to believe that one. Guess we'll have to scare the crap outta them next.) And so the story infinitum.

boneman said...

Good ends=any Method?

BEAT that religion into them!

(yeah that works...)

Jean said...

Good ends for THEM.

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Internal News
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