Tuesday, June 30, 2009

really nice Fur Elise


foam said...

yes, that is very nice ..
my youngest son just played that for his piano recital ..

dianne said...

Very beautiful, look how lovingly she caresses the piano keys as she plays. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

yes, very gently played... and the video below... you've got a good point, especially about the cancer - that's so true and it's so chocking to see so many people falling for the traps in the medical system, just because they are scared and so they do as they are told. If they were actually interezted in not ahving cancer they would just live healthy and have sensible treatments instead.

also the getting-hit by a bus-thing is so true as well... you know I know a guy who's brither had been afraid of all kinds of illnesses all his life and then eventually as he got older he loosed up on that and decided ti live life afterall since he wasn't getting any younger. guess what? he got hit by a lorry!
isn't it ironic? Yeah, just a little too ironic!

Did I say? I commented on your well-pointed-pout-good-to-know-post and yesterday I also posted something on civil courage...

see you around...

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Internal News
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