Thursday, May 21, 2009

after the breath bit, he deserved this


dianne said...

He sure did, he wasnt very subtle was he... ♡

Middle Ditch said...

Okay, what was that all about? Very funny though

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

You have changed your blogs again?! Where is the banana-flying-thing???

re the post below, the guy at 61 cycling... 61 is no age at all these days! Old??? you've gotta be joking! Did you know that the natural age for this type of (human) body is 140 to 150 years?!
really true and we only don't make it, because of our lifestyle, but otherwise we'd be getting as aold as the people in the Hunza-valley in turkey! and they are all far opver 100 and still very fit!

boneman said...

the banana flying thing?
Funny question, that.
If you were in the art blog and clicked on the bone head skull of van Gogh's, then you get here.
If you click on that handsome guy at the top, you get to time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana...(this is one of my terrible jokes, Sarah. I carry a pocket full of them all the time)

Steve doesn't always feel old....or so he says.
The dogs chasing him back to the house are a different matter...
they're all around 105 (in dog years)

Anonymous said...

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