Thursday, March 26, 2009

thought Helene's racoon problem was 'funny'?

then, you thought this....

...if you dare...

In other NEWS there is a lesson to be learned about
"NO" means "NO!"
d=)) (talk about 'just' desserts!)


dianne said...

That little paw coming up through the hole does look a little creepy but I wouldnt be laughing... even though they look cute, I like their little 'bandit' masks.

As for the Russian guy he deserves all he got,that is really beyond the realm of normal behaviour... what is wrong with these people?

boneman said...

yes, the Russian's 'just desserts' were apt, and as cute as they seem, this has to end...

DOGS! HEY! You dogs!

danged beggars!
I didn't mind the dog reruns, but now look what they've done! Got racoons into the blog!

So, Di....did you tell Lil Lamb how cute they are?

dianne said...

I believe I did Boney, I find that most animals are cute even though they can be pests.

I think the dogs are doing a great job, speaking of reruns ask them if they can find that beautiful video that you made 'Video Montage', I really loved that one. ♥

Anonymous said...

I dunno which you're talking about, but, then, I have a bunch of these things in here....



dianne said...

Yes you have so many videos, it was a slide show video, the one you ran on February 4th and I commented on how lovely the morning mist looked on the grass and admired the white and pink flowers, asked you what they didnt tell me though.
There were many photos of your place, the area where you live, horses, trees and a blond woman in a turquoise jumper feeding a fawn.
Does that help? ♥

boneman said...

'a blonde woman in a turquoise jumper'?
That would be my only daughter,
when we were at the zoo.
She liked the contact with critters
didn't mind the smell so much, but gave my ex the jitters,
Oh well, maybe her, too.

dianne said...

So do you know which slide show video I am talking about now?

Your daughter sure has pretty hair. ♥

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