Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Diggin' it!


dianne said...

Gosh your place is pretty Boney, so green, I would love a pond, with water grasses, some water plants, frogs and some dragon flies hovering around.
GniGni looks happy, hope she's getting better. ♥

boneman said...

no, she's not.
and yesterday when we went out,
we started a new hole out by the others who have gone.
way out on a not yet green lawn,
and laughed as we dug up a hole for her there.
Hey. You gotta just laugh, or your soul will cry bare.

dianne said...

I'm so sorry Boney, I know how much you love her and how much she means to you...I had no idea I thought she was going to get better.

I'm so sad for you Boney, it must be heartbreaking for you to watch her deteriorate and know that you are going to lose her.

I'm touching the computer screen, I hope you can feel the love that I'm sending to you both. ♥

dianne said...

I actually came over to listen to that lovely music that was playing on the pond video, one of your guitar and magixmusic songs is it, very pretty but now I'm crying. ♥

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