Thursday, February 5, 2009


I’m thinking that right about now, the best non-partisanship that could be followed would be to listen to neither side at all.
Whining pox upon us all, the Republicants want to give money hand over fist to big business, and so do the Dumbocrats!
Only difference being that one side wants to give the money to people and let them buy from big business while the other side wants to pay big business straight on to keep on doing the same thing they've been doing for years.
How about this….
don’t bail-out the horse and buggy companies that have known for decades that this day would arrive yet did nothing to improve anything. Only now, after the threats from the government are two of the manufacturers actually presenting electric vehicles, and one of them already had a successful prototype on the market but took it away from customers some years back (GMC, the EV-1).
How about giving money to folks who want to improve our position worldwide by providing transportation WORTH buying instead of sucking hind teat behind Europe and Asia.
Or here’s a quickie…put in some extra lanes for non-internal combustion traffic. Of course I realize that occassionally, the non-internal combustion machines may go faster than the dinosaurs, and without gas yet, but, that’s the idea, isn’t it?
SOMEBODY has to build the new stuff!
How about less oppressive federal laws stopping new industries? Carbon fiber exteriors are far stronger than most metal exteriors, and about a fraction of the weight.This means that a truck that gets 18-23 MPG if the exterior was replaced with the carbon fiber could be getting closer to 50-55 MPG.
With other modifications, this could be stretched up to 70 MPG.
Or the idea that seatbelt laws saving any lives is a ludicris account. Fact is, several folks have died not only while wearing seatbelts, but also because of wearing seatbelts. Still, it is a federal mandate. Federal mandates are just a tyanny from the past.
Like Marijuanna laws.
Marijuana laws have no basis in logic. 95 million adults partake in some form of marijuana use every month. Not so oddly enough, most would be glad to pay a small tax, without a single word of dissent, to be able to partake in it.
Say $50 every three months. Growers would have to pay their own tax, to grow and/or sell the product and, of course, the normal sales tax all businesses are required to pay. I’m also suggesting to NOT import the product. It isn’t needed, and all the extra police equipment and dogs could be concentrated into importing zones.
This would create thousands of jobs right away.
Following that would be hemp cloth industries start up, canvas that is both strong and soft. Whole new industries, new farms, a flood of new taxes for the venture into the future instead of borrowing from our children’s children.

Yes, there is a long way to go, and with the government trying its best to do business as usual, it’s not getting any shorter.


Jean said...

I like all your suggestions.

dianne said...

I was pleased to see on the news last night that those greedy bastards are not going to be getting their big bonuses and all of the kick backs that they have become accustomed to. They are the ones who have caused all of these financial problems so they should be prepared to give up these luxuries. What an unfair and disproportionate system that lets these overpaid executives feather their nests whilst others are losing their jobs and homes.

Boney what would you think of cars that ran on ethanol as it is derived from sugar cane which is environmentally friendly and its by-products have many other 'green' uses?

I think seat belts and child restraints probably save more lives than destroy them, people should slow down and drive more responsibly.

As for marijuana, you could have something there,if it was decriminalised I don't think it would encourage more users.
It would be great for pain management and loss of appetite in chronic illness, there would be more control by the growers and a tax could be put to good use by filtering that money into funding 'social medicine', something I believe is missing in your country.
Hemp is a really good fabric for clothes and many other uses. ♥

boneman said...

strangely enough, I'm not entirely agreed with the concept of ethanol.
Three reasons
#1 it's a form of doing the same old thing
#2 there's no where near enough ethanol to create a fuel for the world even if we took every farm availiable to do so.
That in itself, scares a lot of folks here who are sure that the present administration is going to take their farms and create ethanol farms.
#3 it is high time to let go of the past!

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