Friday, February 6, 2009


Here, my friends, is 'recession proof' attitude at our fingertips.
(also one of the reasons I DON'T believe that it's as bad as the media puts it out to be)

KELLOGGS has withdrawn their support of Michael Phelps because they don't condone pot partaking.
Despite the fact that 95 million adults partake in pot about once a month, KELLOGGS has decided they don't want to sell cereal to a bunch of muncie hunting folks at the grocery.
Kiss off near a third of the nation?

Now, that's recession proof.
(or just plain stupid...we don't know which just yet)

friendly wanderers

Internal News

Internal News
(did he say 'internal news'?....well, no. He wrote 'internal news'....Well, what does that mean?....I dunno. Let's go look, shall we?)

Yeah....I know....