Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lee Competing at Frisbie

I saw a magpie winging along, and stooped by the corn field for a bit of breakfast. I coaxed him closer with popcorn, and he was quite happy, and over the next few weeks, I had trained him to fly to a place and using a cell phone (everybody has one, so why not the bird, eh?) take a picture and fly back home to me.

Well....this is promising, I thought, but theoretical and practical are truly the opposite sides of a coin.
Or the globe... hmmmmm
I had an idea, and put it in motion. Using a world map, I computed a single warm breeze from here all the way to Australia, and back again before the cold set in.
My goal was to get a picture of Lee Kennedy.
I chose Lee because he has an affinity for Magpies.
When last I heard, there was one slowly eating a tree of his, yet I didn't hear anything about buying a shotgun (with rock salt, of course) and so, I must assume that he has some small place in his heart for the bird.
I showed Ralph (that's what I named the Magpie) the map, and he seemed to understand, so, I strapped on the camera/phone in his special harness, and set him free.

About a month later, Ralph returned with the phone, and sure enough with a picture as well. Lee had been playing frisbie down by the river with a few friends, and they had a game they had made up, very fun looking as I could see. Someone would throw the frisbie out over the water, and the opponent would run and jump off a bridge to catch said frisbie before it hit the water.
not as easy as it sounds, however, because there would be a guard that would try to catch the frisbie first, and gain double points.

Anyway, here's the picture...

Looks like Lee has been exercising...
but this is going to be close...

They do things just a bit different in Australia, but, it's probably how they can stay so young for so long, eh?



J Cosmo Newbery said...

Uh...when they said will give us a hand to feed the crocs I thought...

J Cosmo Newbery said...

BTW They taste like chicken.

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