Wednesday, March 30, 2016

C( o )( o )KIES !

Came as a surprise to me, with fewer times online than I thought possible.
But for some reason, google wants to know how many people come by, (I don't care. If I WANT to make a crowd, it isn't that hard. Is it Boxer? I Love the Chihuahua show!)
Anyway, because google wants to know, they are putting a cookie on you (don't forget to wipe history when you're done, tonight) but then... They want ME to tell you. Now,, to quote a famous comedian from the US (Jerry Seinfeld)   .... "What's that all about?"

(Foam said I could write it like that)

I heard a friend say something about too much weight, but, amazingly, even without seeing her, I don't believe it. Being the debonair speaker that I am, I asked her about it, (smooth) but her answer was incredibly short and, as it turns out, extremely accurate.
It was her stance.
And when I looked at her with math eyes, I saw that she stood with her shoulders back and up and straight, no slouching her back, great legs ....( o)(o )... but the overall effect was she was twenty five to thirty pounds lighter looking by standing correctly, sitting correctly. Maybe it was an illusion, but folks, tell me that isn't an illusion most of us would like to experience.
Meanwhile...she moved from where she was to Ohio, and seeing all those slouchers in the state slowly melted into her mind, and my guess is...THAT'S why she feels bigger.
(And I can guarantee you...if she sees me again, I may be due for a smackdown...but, hey. I've also got a chance for a kiss, and it's the sweetest thing ever from a flower or a drop of honey.)

Well you know what they say. in for a penny, in for a pound.
This is a Jane Radstrom drawing (pastel) and she's a very talented artist.

Big question.... how long am I in here? Onlineland is a touch and go dealio now-a-days. I would really like to think it's the groove of the days. The computer I'm pressing keys on is a bit antique-like. I was suspicious right away when I noticed it was running on a candle. So I replaced the candle with a squirrel and vavooom!

Which reminds me.
I caught our dogs chasing folks on bicycles on the road out front.
So I did the only thing I could think of.
I took the bicycles away from the dogs.

Sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

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