Thursday, July 23, 2015

Looking for Logic Where There is None

I've come to think that each of the candidates are running for their own selfish reasons. It was only a guess until Jeb Bush came out and blasted Donald Trump last week.
I mean, not that he didn't need to be blasted... I don't like McCain, either, but he was a POW in a foreign war. He put his life on the line (just like the rest of us veterans) for oil and big business. We would have liked it to be of a grander purpose, sure, but, there was the draft or join, and that makes for some slim pickings.

John McCain did most of his war from inside a puny cage, and I think more than once, he may have damned well asked himself, "Why am I here?" But, he got his travel papers after the war, came back home on national TV, a matter how little he had accomplished during the war. More for the fact that he survived it at all.
And here, Donald "you're fired" Trump comes out and says he doesn't perceive of McCain as a hero. What does that mean if the Donald wins? If the Donald becomes President, what can we, as American vets, expect? Well, probably as a start...the closing of all VA hospitals. The complete dismissal of all claims. Because, after all, we were warned it was a war... whether Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, or anywhere for any amount of time, we knew better and therefore get nothing in return. Quite a few problems with that. What if the government finds themselves needing personnel for defense? Well, tough toenails, Donald. Canada would be a much better place to go because at the best side, there is free universal health care and second, they at the very least respect those who go to war for them.
The Donald was wrong.
But then comes Jeb Bush, laying a carpet of mortar rounds on the Donald for his absolutely ridiculous claim of McCain not being a veteran. And that strikes me as a true enough statement, but, it seems to fall very far from the tree, which is always suspicious.
Not one word about how his brother, in 1972, went AWOL...and as it was from active duty in the beginning, Treason, but still, no mention of that as a mark against Bush junior.
Actually, just as reprehensible in my eyes is how he dismissed the service of another veteran --John Kerry-- because after faithfully serving, he came back and marched in protests against the war. Kerry felt an obligation to end a war that was claiming lives, all in the name of big oil. But only AFTER he served honorably, which is something Bush junior can never claim except by lies and his insidious snicker.
Or how when he was finally cornered with the paperwork by Dan Rather, did he come clean? No. He kept up his charade, introduced pages from computer drawn documents (which became the essence of his escape plan as there were no computers running orders in 1972) and further besmirched a good reporter's name and career, getting him fired and treated like less an investigator than he really was. That darned Bush junior!
Any word on the dishonor his brother shirked off onto other, better men? Nope. Not one word.
So very selfish, a trait that President George H. Bush is probably sorry about seeing in both of his sons.
I know I am disgusted with their self centered natures. As Bush junior broke the bank of the US, started two wars, created a "stop gap" so that veterans couldn't even get out of war or leave the service when their time was up after serving honorably, engineered openings for his big business friends to make money from the wars he created, and forcing the sale of nuclear deployment systems to the only radical government in the world with proven nuclear capability (though, until Bush junior, no way to deploy said weapons) ....
Not exactly the mark of a good man, I think. And the brothers act alike, so, just how bad could Jeb make things? Well, now that President Obama has built the deficit out of trouble, regained employment for a majority of those without work, and ended the absolute stand of war from our nation's demanded list, I think Jeb could do a great deal of damage to this country... and without even trying.
Of course, he'll have help...

Dick Cheney will most likely step up and again lead as the invisible president....

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