Saturday, June 27, 2015

Well, That Was Fun, eh?

3.8% of the population has offered that they are lesbian, gay, transgendered, and now they have the right to marry those who they choose instead of those who the state picks out for them to marry.
This is a good thing.
It is the right thing to have done, even if the actual population is so small.

Now perhaps a more important matter can be addressed?
Between 33% and 52% of the population want to see marijuana legalized.
And that's with a sad minority knowing what all can be made from it. At one time, Purdue had a study that showed over 50,000 items could be made from marijuana.
Henry Ford's model T car was designed originally to run from hemp produced oil because he could see that folks could grow their own fuel locally, as a renewable source that didn't destroy land like petroleum does, helps the economies of smaller towns and villages closer  to reach than conglomerate corporations, and burns cleaner.
Later, in 1941, Ford also introduced the marijuana crafted car body, stronger than fiberglass and other composite materials that were more expensive to make and NOT biodegradable like marijuana vehicle bodies, and actually more durable than steel or aluminum, which Ford proved in a grand gesture by inviting reporters and movie cameras from across the nation to record him walking up to his personal vehicle and beating it several times with a six pound hammer, breaking nothing and marring very little of the paint.
Whole houses have been constructed from marijuana crops without using a single tree... making it a truly "green" product that can sometimes yield two crops a year from a single field.
The recreational use is minimally habitual and less dangerous than peanut butter or aspirin.
Medicinally it can slow the growth, stop the growth altogether, and sometimes cause complete remission of seven forms of cancer (Breast, Prostate, Skin, Lung, Brain, Bowel, and some forms of Leukemia) as well as calm tremors in Parkinson sufferers, MS, CP, and Alzhiemers, and may also calm irrationality in the later group.

Food...such as cheeses, milks, and other similar eats.... and oils to cook with.
Cloth, clothing, from hats to work boots or casual wear, furniture, various papers, canvases, and several types of cardboard.

Now, as the people of the US begin to gather together to make these products, gaining employment and paying taxes, it would also end the outrageous legal system's rape of human dignity by throwing people in jail... sometimes for Life without chance for parole!
So it relieves the deficit while adding to the tax input, and in the end, making America once again a Free Country.
Talk about a party after that!

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