Tuesday, June 30, 2015

If Only I Were a Multi-Billionaire...

I, too, could buy some laws.
But it would be costly, indeed.

One of the most important laws to buy is a simple idea (always the most expensive, eh?) and it goes without saying that the politicians would want a long lasting guaranteed income before even considering it.
A LIMIT on how much can be contributed to a politician for his or her campaign chest (wink wink)  and only on the specific politicians' area that the individual lives in, coupled with Term Limits, because right now, their campaign chests (wink wink) are just holding tanks for tax free monies until they retire or lose.

I'm thinking of a number...
$100 per individual no more than once during their term.
Congressmen and women would be able to cash in every two years, of course, but, only on the people of their specific district. Presidents could only get the $100 every four years because once they run for the second term...it's over. Of course they get an income bonus from the entire country. Senators also get a whole USA income bonus, but, as they would be kept at two terms only, then that would mean only for the six years they are in their first term.

Hey...it's fair, it's freedom of speech, and it almost stops the buying of our laws by people or corporations at all. If major corporations (who have been doing a terrible job of running our country, by the way) want to contribute $100 per term, that's fine. But if a politician lives in a state that wants to go "green" then the corporations will not have the advantage.

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