Saturday, May 19, 2012

Failure of America to Recognize Women

Seems a lot of women are feeling pretty sure of themselves. What with having equal rights and all, only, can't quite figure out why it is that they are laid off first, slower to climb the ladder, get paid less for doing as much, if not more, than a man...
Well, it turns out that, basically, girls aren't equal.
Hey, if it was up to me, you gals would be right up there with the first class citizens.
However, sadly enough, you are delegated to second class status until further notice.
And, who was in charge of such a debacle?
Who was in office as politicians decided to ignore the female?
Well, I'm looking into just that. I think it may be interesting, too, because it was PASSED by both sides of the House in 1972, and expired in 1982, unratified.
Usually only getting seven years for ratification purposes, President Jimmy Carter was approached to sign an extension to the process, which he did, however, it still did not pass the additional three states.

I knew President Carter was one of the good guys. Too bad the Southern States felt that the women were to be kept barefoot and pregnant, or otherwise out of the public eye. In fact, knowing this, I'm wondering what sex Nicki Haley REALLY is....

Meanwhile, 21 states had ERA language in their books, though five did not sign the Federal ratification, probably due to petty differences with President Carter being the duly elected President.
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
and five who did not sign Federal granted ratification,

It is almost comical that the face of NO RIGHTS for WOMEN is a woman. Or, at the least, a transgender replication of a woman. Personally, I would say
Whore Queen of American Political Circus.

Phylis Schlafly
So, were any of "today's modern politicians" in a position to alter this travesty?

Most noticeable Hold Out States...
Arizona...Janet Brewer Governor. How the heck did she get elected?
Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia...well, duh. Most backwards states. No surprise, there.

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