Thursday, November 10, 2011

the TEA PARTY's Erroneous and Misleading of Facts

my my my...
Well, their claim of standing for the "fore fathers" of this country is about as misleading as it gets. They have no idea what the "fore fathers" stood for, because evidently, MOST of the Tea Party haven't even read the Declaration of Independence.
Which would make it hard to believe that they stand for the concepts of a bygone era.
Their biggest gripe? Two things.
A Black man in the White House.
Abolishing the tax code.
Because they feel the rich have paid enough.
There's suffering now in the mansions.
They can't always afford to fly to Spain for the bullfights on Wednesdays.

Now, just because they are tired of paying taxes...why would I presume to imagine that they had never read the Declaration of Independence?
The Declaration from the representatives of the united States of America?
Because the last thirty one words...

Funny how you get he idea that money was of no concern, but rather the society helping the whole.

I suspect that quite a few of the new gop have not read these words, too.

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