Thursday, October 6, 2011


I see the new gop rearing up it's ugly head
and scream about how all this economic woe
 is on the shoulders of President Obama.
It really doesn't wash with me because
 I'm a slow moving fellow and want to see
HOW someone came up with
that trite piece of hogwash.
Those marching on the "Wall Streets" of America aren't all President Obama fans,
and they know it wasn't that one man that caused our demise.
It wasn't even just Bush junior,
(even though his hand in it is brown clean up to his elbows)
 President Clinton also had some doing with it in an indirect way
...buying from the industrial/military complex.
President Bush sr. tried his best in averting the skirmishes due to his predecessor, Reagan,
(the first Gulf War has the infamous distinction of being the most disastrous man-made ecological disaster in all of history*)
 But even  Reagan...the guy that sold arms to Iraq, (and secretly to Iran), rebels and insurgencies in South and Central America, the guy that armed, trained, and supplied bin laden, even he isn't the main cause of our economic woes right now. Oh, to be sure, the stirring up he did is what got us marked as a brutal, dictatorial "peacemaker" the same way Idi Amin was a "peacemaker"...put us squarely on the path to default bankruptcy by staying the high taxes that were costing the top 1% of the population.
President Carter, perhaps? No, again. Here is a displaced preacher/farmer whose sole mission was to improve the lives of those being left out of the American Dream. Even after leaving office, continuing his mission steadfastly, Habitats for Humanity, and all forms of feeding the starving here and abroad.
President Ford? He wasn't in for very long, but, that in itself is a shame. Here was a man that could have made a difference, created some positive force, squashed the repeal of Congress/Senate mischief with the Supreme Courts and big businesses.
Ex-president Nixon? a strange sort of way, he is really deeper than most in this mess. But as President, his biggest intention was promoting himself (after his resignation, the reason he is properly referred to as "Ex"-President, he began speaking tours, fetching as much as $2 million per speech.)
However, under President Eisenhower, Nixon and Joseph McCarthy were busy rounding up anyone who would not vote Republican, and calling them out to be if that meant anything at all.
As well as blackballing Americans for affiliations and political thoughts. He also got the ball rolling on Viet Nam with his "Domino Theory" by sending CIA trainers along with weapons to help fill in for the French who had given up on the cause. Gave Harry Anslinger a leg up at coercing the world into making marijuana illegal, which gave Nixon much in the way of support from DuPont, Hearst News Corp., and many others.

BUT, are any one of these men guilty of our economic demise?
ALL of them are guilty of pandering to the cause of our economic demise...
Including the entire Senate...
Including the entire House of Representatives (who no longer represent us, I might add)...
Including the Supreme Court...

So, can we blame anyone besides ourselves?

The madness occurring around the country, now,
and probably for quite some time further,
is a wine pressed from greed.
And it is a bitter wine at that.
Greed of businesses and speculators,
Greed of men and women "playing" in the Stock Market,
Greed of Senators whose campaign coffers are filled with the filthy lucre of the top 1%
(their own law, created by the Senate and House, call for a politician to be able to take whatever remains in the coffers with him as he leaves office)
Greed of Representatives who no longer represent us, but rather represent those who have the most money to give to their campaign coffers,
Greed of Presidents and administrations with direct links to the corporations making money from the government's actions,
Greed of even the Supreme Court justices who stand only to return favors to the Senate and House.

Meanwhile, mad men armed with pepper spray, tazers, batons and guns have descended on a group of peaceful demonstrators, and probably just escalated the incident into world news journals around the world.

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