Monday, October 31, 2011

What Does a "REAL FAKE" Look Like?

I had gotten so many comments concerning the "accident" with the motorcycle being a fake, that I thought I should compare it to what a REAL fake would look like. This first, a headliner from Huffington Post, and the article at the link, pretty much sums up a fake, in my eyes.

Now, this is a case of a fake, but, only from the point that they were laughing at this reason.
Well, I mean... they may have been laughing at this concept, but,
they wouldn't do it in public, eh?
I mean...that's what being a politician is all about, right? Take an adversarial position and "prove" it?

But, surely none are surprised, right? The man was an actor. A talking head.
Nothing more, and most of congress and senate at the time knew it. They were happier when he was not inside their "groups"...
In fact, he stood contrary to himself his whole adult life. That is to say he contradicted his own beliefs because he believed only what he wanted to believe without regard to science, public thought or debate, or even the Constitution... Only his pockets:

Hey...Merry Christmas, Ronnie!
Tell us what the 
Season is All About...

Tobacco related deaths = 400000+ per year in the USA (that's 45 people an hour dead from tobacco)
Marijuana related deaths in all of written history in the world = Zero

He's a talking head. As President, his talking head fame would gain much in the way of income. Heck, even
ex-President Nixon left office in disgrace yet his first post presidency speaking engagement netted him a $2 million dollar paycheck.
Alzheimer disease, however, settles in slow motion, sometimes... and when he left office, Reagan was already showing examples of the disease. And I find that just a bit humorous. There were lucid moments, sure, but they were getting fewer and further away from each other.
Alzheimer is NOT a pretty thing to watch happen.

So, you ask, where is the humor?

Because one of the advantages in the new medicines from THC (and better marijuana strains) is that it can improve memory of Alzheimer patients, and give them "more lucid time" with their loved ones. It's as if Reagan went out of his way to shoot himself in the foot with the "just say no" rally call and that strikes me as a bit humorous.
Instead of even thinking to give it the benefit of the doubt, he blatantly becomes a talking head.
Until he forgets who he is.

Which he did.

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