Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the "I Don't Get It" Club is now accepting applications to join

CONGRESS CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF ITS OWN SOCIAL SECURITY - Running in Roll Call tonight from Jennifer Yachnin: "While Members have taken steps to curb Congress' internal spending habits in recent months, the Congressional pension program is rarely mentioned on Capitol Hill. Taxpayers are expected to foot the bill for around $26 million in pensions to former Members this year, at the same time that Congress are seeking to claim austerity by curbing lawmakers' annual pay raises. That pension program estimate, which was calculated from data published by the Congressional Research Service, is based on payments to 455 Members as of October 2009 and doesn't include potential payouts to dozens of newly retired lawmakers who are eligible to draw their pensions."

Former Senator Alan Simpson is sucking hard on the congressional teat as we speak.

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