Thursday, October 7, 2010

Georgia Peaches are the Very Best of the USA

It's no secret that I'm a registered Republican, and that during no election I was able to vote at did I pick a Republican President.
That's my perspective. None of those clowns have been worth voting for.
Maybe President Ford, but, I was fresh out of the service and Indiana has some archaic rules about who can vote...I didn't meet the qualification.
I would have voted for President Eisenhower, but, I might have been shot as a commie by VP Nixon.

I would have voted for and stood proudly by Roosevelt!
The man threw his money lenders out the door of the White House when they came by looking for favors.
Get 'em, Teddy!

But, the point I'm getting at is of the best Presidents we have seen in our lifetime was Jimmy Carter.
The man did us proud.
Upon leaving office, he found that the Trust company he had put his business under had pilfered and broke his farm almost beyond repair.
Did he complain?
But he DID get his carpenter tools and start working on Habitats for the Homeless.
Just think about that for a moment.
All those other clowns before him, ex-president Nixon, Reagan, President Johnson, They went out and got cushy sit on their lazy butt jobs self serving from whoever would pay the price,and here was a man who continued serving the country as best he could...yup. That Jimmy Carter is my hero.
Took adversity and wrestled it to the ground, beat it, and left it for dead.
And. of recent times, has written another book.
The White House Diaries
(here's a small review)

OK, well, it only goes to prove that folk from Georgia are worth their weight in gold.
And more.

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