Sunday, February 7, 2010


So many times I've heard my friends say "I don't like RAP music"
Dang! They never consider that they may not like what they've heard, but the genre of the music is as varied as all get out. What they MEAN to say is, they "...haven't heard anything YET..." that they liked.
Most Americans love OPERA, but don't realize it!

The president IS a bum! He actually thought that Republicans would work towards rebuilding the USA, but they have proven him wrong. He actually thought that the Democrats would drop their animosity and reach across the aisle with him. He actually thought that giving stimulus money to Americans who had jobs would count towards an economic recovery better than bush junior's $150 dollar payment at tax time. He actually thought that the Christian way of doing things was the better choice than mindless war that profited only those who waged it (the bush family and the cheney family) but he was wrong.
Of course he's a bum.
He hasn't murdered 4200 of this nation's children, hasn't given F-16s to an unstable Islamic nation, hasn't closed his doors or windows from our seeing what he's up to....
has left communication lines open to anyone who wants to express themselves.....

Well, I don't like his energy policies.... and I tell him.
I don't like his infrastructure plans.... and I tell him
I don't like his marijuana policy.... and I tell him
But I do like that he's a bum.
A bum like me.
In service to the citizens of this country whether they appreciate him or not.
He IS Superman, in my eyes because he aims at doing what's right.
And...that is SUPER!

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boneman said...

ok...maybe not EVERYONE but almost everyone.

I mean, not only are some folks tone deaf...there are people with incedible sticks up their butts...

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