Monday, February 22, 2010

The Breakfast I Would Make For the Woman I Love

Is it so hard to bring love into your life?
How easy to cut tast and an egg with your knife.
And surely somewhere there are cookie cutter parts
Shaped in marshmallow sized tiny teensie hearts.

Bring it all to her with a smile on your face.
But, best do it earlier in the morning if you have to work, 
as there may well be love making all over the place
And how serious will the boss take you when you're wearing that silly smirk?


Jean said...

I'd make sure you'd keep smiling for a long, long time ♥

Kymical Reactions said...

i can't decide if this is cute or cheesy. :)

boneman said...

hey...if she keeps me smiling like that, it be sweet! (or cute)

Karl said...

Good evening Boneman,

Cute or cheesy, who cares as long as it sent the desired message and achieved desired effect.

friendly wanderers

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Internal News
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