Friday, February 5, 2010

Every Good Dog Deserves a lil Massage and Tan, eh


Anonymous said...
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boneman said...

das ist nicht Ihre Anzeige Haus.
Das ist meine Freude Haus.
Zur Bestellung ein Schnitzel in den Hintern!
Spammer Esel saugen Schwänze!


Joanna Cake said...

Dont let Boxer see this! :) Fabulous!

boneman said...

Thanx, Joanna!
Y'know, it doesn't really occur to me so often to advertise m'blogs.
Maybe i should go rattle the Coco? Bet that would be one happy hound for this business, yes?

(I mean, being in Washingrainton, and all?)


Boxer said...

this is my home. how did you find me. bwahahahahah

boneman said...

So THIS is why Coco smiles so much!

boneman said...

no spam today?
sehr gut.

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