Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All That Jazz, "It's Showtime, Folks!"


Boxer said...

one of my all time favorite movies. I nearly went with something from this movie, too. Roy Schneider was excellent in this. Bob Fosse has never looked better. Thanks for playing.

moi said...

Love this movie! Nothing is sexier than a man who can dance and Fosse via Scheider proved this perfectly.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Boneman:

Good clip, this was a great movie.

chickory said...

i kind of forgot this movie...based on the reviews it appears i need to seek it out. dexadrine. yuck. i hate stimulants. im more of a take the edge off kind of person...but then again i dont have to perform. interesting that you chose to show a clip that wasnt musical from a musical!

savannah said...

perfect, sugar, another one of my favorites! btw, thanks for stopping by and commenting! xoxox

Buzz Kill said...

I remember seeing this movie years ago and thinking Chief Brody couldn't possibly sing, could he? Well, he could and he did it as a raging alcoholic to boot.

Happy MCW!

boneman said...

Buzz Kill, when I went to see it, I had no idea it was a musical. But I sat stunned, watching every bit of it...and it eventually settled into my head...stop committing suicide by drugs and booze. So, now I've quit hallucinogenics, alcohol, amphetamines, heroin all sorts of downers, all sorts of speed, and the very worse of all...the killer of killers, cigarettes.
(but keep your cotton pickin' mitts off my coffee....)

Savannah, it was a nice visit. Twice.
(I do love that song at the opening of Red October!)
And Gene was great, too.

Chickory, you be the sharp one. I was wondering if anyone would catch that.
Of all the musical numbers in that movie, what did I find?
"It's Showtime!"

Karl, thanx. It was a great movie, for sure.

Moi, he and Ben Vereen (is that right?) actually made it seem COOL to dance! a 'ring dancer' I figured you'de like it.
Not exactly Mohamed Ali, but, definitely a force to be contended with.

2 Dollar Productions said...

With a sense of shame, I have to admit that I've never seen this movie, although I know about it. Great clip.

boneman said...

Well, Two Dollars, it ain't that big of a deal.
Just a movie, eh?
Personally, I have watched too many movies.
Great ones...
Like Funny Bones, Kingdom of Heaven, Red, White, and Screwed (Lewis Black) among them.
I still like my books better...
This one dragged my ass out into the light and shook me a good one (which I needed) and although it took a long time to soak in enough to get me to quit stuff (seems like every ten years, something else) it was probably more to my stubbornness than anything.
Glad they made the movie.
It taught me that there are musicals I do like.
Like Popeye with Ray Walston and Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall...

Anonymous said... - Visit us or die!

boneman said...

well, anon.
We all die, anyway. You included.
So, piss off, eh?

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