Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dr. Robert Lee Gillan....August 26, 1916~September 6, 2009


boneman said...

well, Bob.
I gotta change you off.
I know nobody has left comments for you, but, it's not that they don't care.
It's just because they didn't know how great of a person you are.
A memory is forever, bob.

But, I still have to find something worthwhile and fitting to follow you.
None of that redwing douche stuff.

Jean said...

I should have said something before now.
What you told me about him was pretty amazing. I have no doubt that you touched his heart as much as he touched yours.
I hope whatever journey he is on now is bliss and beautiful.

I'm glad I got to know him a little bit through you.

friendly wanderers

Internal News

Internal News
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