Thursday, March 19, 2009

boneman's always got work for us


Jean said...

Maybe you could hire out the dogs to wash other people's dishes? ha.
Cute video!

dianne said...

That is a cute video Boney, the room is so familiar, remember I was there last year trying to get some warmth...or have you forgotten. ♥

boneman said...

Yeah, if I could get Max in the car.
Or if Gni Gni didn't have that butt decoration....gross.

foam said...

oh yeah .. i remember this one. it 's cute .. and funny ..
i could have an organic dishwasher if i wanted ..
my dog wouldn't mind that job at all..

boneman said...

I told you guys!
You kick me out of the office and then start running reruns.
How long do you think that'll last?
How many RERUNS DO you have?!

That was probably all, huh?
And where's Tug?

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