Saturday, January 31, 2009


And, you still fly?

Jean from Pondering used to help make the device that would drop the mask to you....

They laid her off.

I guess the stewardess just comes around and hands each person their mask, now.

Good luck!

I'll call you from the bus!


Jean said...

The component was called an
Air Breather. I welded the first step... two circles of stainless steel .0015" thick (fifteen ten-thousandths of an inch). Two circles with a circle stamped out in the center 1/8" across...I welded the two pieces together in the center, under a microscope. Took 22 of those to go to the next step. The outside diameter is less than 1", those got welded on a lathe under a microscope. Then more steps, yada yada yada.

Also worked on a component for the pilot ejection seat control (military); fuel drain (military jet in-flight refueling); wing-flap controls (military and commercial); fire suppression system in the cargo area (commercial jets).

That's a short sample list of jobs done in 13+ years there.

Some of the jobs were sold to a competitor (not doing them very successfully) and many are now being done in the ex-employer's manufacturing facility in Singapore.
Singapore has yet to suffer a loss of work.

boneman said...

Wait! Singapore hiring?

Jean said...

No. And, I wouldn't care if they were. I live in America.
The country will come back.

dianne said...

I left a comment for Jean over at Time Flies. ♥
That video is quite alarming, they show you that once you have boarded so you have no way of changing your mind and getting off the plane,
I think I will join you on the bus. ♥

It reminds me of a time I was being prepped for surgery and the anesthetist told me how much her anesthetic charges would be and I wasn't fully covered for the cost, what did she think I was going to have the surgery without anesthetic?
What a time to tell me that I wasn't covered...I couldn't escape... so of course I would pay the exorbitant costs.
Someone please give me some oxygen I'm about to pass out anyway from fright.
Thats a true story. ♥

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