Friday, November 7, 2008

First Farm and Weather Report

I guess I should have told everybody to bring weiners and marshmallows, huh?


foam said...

seems these youtube downloads are working for you ..

i love standing by a fire like that. i bet your clothes smelled all smoky after that.

and .. lol .. your deprecating sense of humor is one of the things that makes you so likable, boneman ..

anyways, there's a lot of stupid folks out there .. both male and female ..

boneman said...

yes mam...
I lopped off the rest of it cause I started into a rant.
Then I did a nice political statement that needed to be said, but, it may be too harsh.
I'm working on that.

Videos upload and move easily. However, because the comment box is actually a 'link' then, when I click publish, the net goes away.
Sometimes if it leaves a warning box (oh, i'm soooo scared) I get to do one more spin through webworld, but most times it's a flush.

dianne said...

Another beautiful Indiana morning, filled with Fall colours; very nice to see you again Boney my love, you've been missed.
That fire sure looks inviting, I'll bet you're all warm, cuddly and smokey. ♥ :) xoxox

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