Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oddly enough, this isn't the original video, here. This has a new, better ending....or, perhaps you'de like to judge that?



foam said...

dang! i got tuckered out just watching you work that hard..
whew ..
i need to rest now..

boneman said...

hopefully just warming up for the season....nice thing is, it makes y'warm chopping.

dianne said...

Now I know where you've been,gosh that looks like hard work, no wonder you're so fit. :)
I see you got yourself a new mall/axe, you be careful there Boney my love, that's dangerous work.
You would need to keep warm with that wind blowing.
Like the song you're singing 'The loveliest night of the Year', hope it is for you. ♥ xoxoxox :)

boneman said...

and...after the show bit is over, they show that strip at the bottom...
(what? They show a strip of your bottom?)
No, that strip at the bottom, about three over is my very favorite sunset.
I can't believe it was one sunset.

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