Friday, October 3, 2008

How many changes in a single Sunset?

music and photography; berry connell


Anonymous said...

when was this?

boneman said...

August 22, 2008

dianne said...

Just heavenly Boney. :) xoxox ♥

boneman said...


I'm actually thinking of doing it again differently, though.
This is 45 minutes condensed into about a minute and some.

If you can believe it, some of the color isn't there.

But, I still have plenty of chores to get after to 'play' with the video machine just yet.
I'm tossing on things from the 'cellar' as it were.

dianne said...

Really beautiful, is this the new video, there seems to be more colour in this one or this just my wild imagination playing games with my mind again, maybe. :) xoxoxo ♥

boneman said...

No mam.
The new video will have to be a future project as I am still swamped under a small backlog of work.
Still have several illustrations, have to paint two houses (this one's a nice one because they like what I do with the painting. Sort'a cheat the city in....)(plus it pays )
tomorrow (this morning) I have to go and help clean up the center for visitors coming at noon. A 'Sunday stroll" through what used to be a garment factory. These are the people that used to work there.
Quite a 'thing'....

dianne said...

Well I hope you catch up with your backlog of work. I gather you are doing paintings of peoples houses? That seems to be a big thing in the US; good that it pays.
We started daylight savings again this morning so I have lost an hour already. Your Sunday is about to begin and mine is just about finished. So have a lovely Sunday afternoon at the centre and enjoy the 'Sunday stroll', sounds nice. ♥ xoxox

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